What is Psychological 

Testing ?

Psychological testing is a comprehensive  evaluation process that is often conducted by a licensed psychologist for diagnosis and treatment planning purposes. Often times a diagnostic evaluation is necessary in order to provide the most appropriate form of therapeutic treatment

Psychological Testing can help to assess an individual's personality, mental ability, social, emotional and neurological functioning.  The following are some of the conditions that can be evaluated for:

Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder

Academic  Ability & Achievement 


Developmental Delay

Learning Disability 

Mood Disorder


Thought Disorder

What Can I Expect?

Dr. Carnicella will use a combination of visual, verbal and written tests to assess an individual's social, emotional and cognitive functioning.


Testing will begin with an intake session to obtain a thorough personal history of the presenting concerns and review the referral questions.

Dr. Carnicella will then review the type of testing he recommends and what it will entail.


The intake session will likely be followed by two or more testing sessions lasting up to a few hours in length. The process will end with a feedback session where Dr. Carnicella will review the test results, any diagnoses and his treatment recommendations that can be taken back to one's therapist and/ or school team.